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  • Racatac Cart Racatac Cart Racatac Cart

    Racatac Cart

    SPECIAL ORDER ITEM Features: Adjustable Seat - Instead of sitting back on your heels, the fully adjustable seat provides the upper body support, leaving your feet free to control your movement. Knee Pads - Comfortable attached floating-like knee pads...


    Color Selection Guide

    There are 8 core colors that are used to make the 89 standard colors on this Color Guide. It contains the 89 standard colors on one 4" x 18" double sided tri-fold card. Every color is a combination of only 2 of the Core Colors. Each core color is...

  • Bottle


    Wide Mouth, translucent bottle for use with ColorClad. The 16oz bottle is the same one used to package ColorClad pints. It includes the spout cap and fits ColorClad Applicator Brushes.

    $1.97 - $23.64
  • Armored Spout Cap

    Armored Spout Cap

    Armored Spout Cap is an extremely hard SS alloy tip that will outlast any plastic tip on the market 1000X or more.

  • color stick book

    Color Stick Book

    This book contains actual samples of ColorClad® standard colors on hand painted sticks that fit directly in most grout lines. This allows you and your clients to visualize what the final job will really look like. Each stick comes labeled with both...

  • shammy, shammies, sham, cloth, rag


    Shammies Commercial Grade version of the famous German Made microfiber wipes. Sheets are each 20" x 27" that you cut down to make 24 perfect color seal wipes. 

  • mixing paddle, paint mixer, mixer

    Mixing Paddle

    Mixing Paddle allows for mixing directly in the wide mouth bottles. For use with cordless drill.

  • ColorClad®  Brush Cap side view ColorClad®  Brush Cap 2 row brush ColorClad®  Brush Cap chiseled bristel

    *NEW DESIGN* ColorClad® Applicator Brush Cap

    ColorClad® Applicator Brush Cap to fit the wide mouth ColorClad® Bottles. New Design that allows for brush width options. Choose between chisel tip bristles brush or 2 row bristles for a wider application. New flow through design allows for...

    $15.97 - $19.97
  • AWS digital scale

    Digital Scale

    This digital pocket scale is for those who are seeking high precision on the go. With it's back-lit LCD, results are easy to read even in low lighting conditions. The stainless steel weighing platform is protected by the hard plastic lid when the scale...

  • Detail Brush

    Detail Brush

    This handy little brush is used for spreading product when not using Applicator Brush Cap.

  • F-721™ Premium Fluoropolymer F-721™ Premium Fluoropolymer

    F-721™ Premium Fluoropolymer

    F-721™ Premium Fluoropolymer Sealer CONCENTRATE is a unique no-sheen, penetrating sealer for most mineral based surfaces. No other sealer fights stains better! Plus it can be used as either a SOLVENT BASED or WATER BASED sealer. Diluted with water,...

    $49.97 - $288.97
  • Core Color System

    Core Color System

    ColorClad® is a premium grade solid color tile grout sealant. It is oil repellent, stain resistant, breathable, flexible, waterproof, color stable and non-yellowing. It has excellent hiding and incorporates aluminum oxide for added durability. With...

    $6.97 - $220.97
  • Sample Kit Sample Kit Sample Kit

    Sample Kit

    This little kit is a great way to demonstrate The ColorClad® Core Color System.   You will receive the 8 Core Colors for your kit and be able to create many of the most popular grout colors instantly right on your customer's grout line. Use the...

  • Starter Kit

    Starter Kit

    The ColorClad® Starter Kit is the complete answer for the serious installer. Having all eight colors allows you to make up any color on the spot. A great customer service & inventory management tool. This package includes: (8) Pints of...

  • Professional Kit

    Professional Kit

    The ColorClad® Professional Kit includes everything in the Starter Kit, a Color Stick Book, and Racatac Cart. This is the best, most complete way to start your colorseal service! The Starter Kit includes: (8) Pints of ColorClad® - (1 each of 8...

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