A Closer Look

A Closer Look

Sep 1st 2021

Will ColorClad® look natural? 

ColorClad® is designed to both penetrate into the grout and conform to the surface of the grout, ensuring a natural look. This allows it to reflect the natural texture of the grout. A matte finish and the Aluminum Oxide grit complete the effect of a natural looking grout texture.

Why is "Oleophobic" important?

Most grout sealers can claim to be Oil Resistant, but only ColorClad® is truly Oil Repellent, (Oleophobic). Oil Resistant simply means it will not dissolve or otherwise break down when exposed to oil. Repellency means that the oil will not soak into the sealer, but rather sit up top where it can be easily cleaned away.

Not only is oil a common problem around cooking, pets & cosmetics, but it can attract and hold on to other dirt and dust creating a difficult to clean surface.